Saturday, 14 June 2014

Baby Circles

I saw someone online somewhere once refer to Roborovski hamsters as 'baby circles' and it stuck with me. It's so true. They are the most circular of the hamster kingdom. Small fluffy baby circles with little feets and noses. (That's partly why I chose Sputnik's name! We decided to go for a robot theme, as they are robo hamsters, and Sputnik is a cute, round robot!)

Both hammies are settling very nicely into their new tank! This week has been pretty warm so we've been trying different ways of helping them keep cool. They mostly seem to enjoy lying flat in their sand baths and sleeping outside their nests pressed against the cool glass (the chilled plates we put in for them to lie on were completely ignored. Well, Pintsize peed on his, but that's it. Charming.)


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