Monday, 23 June 2014

Happiness is a Handful of Warm Hamster

This is baby Sputnik. He is a precious fuzzy ball of love! When we decided we wanted Roborovski hamsters, the internet was at great pains to tell us that robos are often not very tame by the standards of most other small pets. We figured it didn't really matter, because they were adorable, and we'd be happy to just watch them if they really didn't enjoy being handled.

As it turned out, Pintsize is more of a 'just watch' hamster. He is tame, but he doesn't feel like demonstrating that very often. He'll always eat food from my hand, but he just isn't very keen on being in them for long. Or at all. Part of this is maybe that he's just incredibly fast, and so I can't keep up. It's not so much that he's trying to exit the hand conveyor belt, as the hand conveyer belt is too slow and boring for him.

But then we have Sputnik, who is just the complete opposite in every single way. He can move fast, I've seen him do it a few times, but he rarely does. He prefer to amble. He takes life at a slower pace. And he's so tame. Incredibly tame. He was super comfortable with us pretty much from day one. If he had any sense of height, he would make a great shoulder hamster. I think when he gets out of his hamster teens he might mellow out even more, which would be adorable. (My dream is for him to have a nap in my hand. Too cute!)

Pintsize is amazing and really great fun, but I am stupidly happy that Sputnik is as cuddly as he is, because ahhhhh a baby hamster in your hands, it is the best of all the things!


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