Thursday, 12 June 2014


I took my only Middie Blythe out for some cute summery photos the other day. The sun was doing its intense, late-evening summer thing, and it was super pretty.

Linnea is my only Middie, which is a very sad situation, because Middies are the cutest size! I bought her for myself in my last year of my undergrad, as a post-exam present. Then I bought myself another Blythe (Alexis Emerald!) as a graduation present, because it was a really great excuse. (My undergrad was full of great excuses, and I was great at using them.)

When I hand my MA dissertation in this September, I think I will deserve another doll. Probably. I mean, it's really long. I'll have put tonnes of hours into it. Yes; on reflection, I will indeed require a doll as compensation for my efforts. Definitely.


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