Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fort Hamham

I present to you, my latest foray into hamster architecture:  Fort Hamham! This was made using pretty much exactly 150 popsicle sticks (sadly, I bought these new and cannot boast of having eaten all those lollies myself) and PVA glue. I've seen so many amazing lollipop houses for small animals and I had to try making my own. In hindsight, 150 sticks was nowhere near enough, this isn't particularly big and there was loads more I wanted to do with it. Next time: at least 300!

Once it was all fully dried and ready to be nibbled by little hamster teeths, we decided to give it to Sputnik. (Pintsize will be getting his own, but this one is quite spacious inside and Pintsize seems to prefer hidey holes which are a bit more compact.) We found a home for it at the bottom end of his Detolf, and he went to explore it straight away.

As you can see, the Detolf is high enough that there's still no chance of a little robo hamster adventuring over the top.

The lollipop sticks won't hold up to any major chewing, but neither of the boys are really chewers...

 ... she says, as the first thing Sputnik does is start nomming on the fence! (This photo kills me, just look at his adorable little face!) He lost interest pretty quickly when it wasn't good to eat. As long as the popsicle sticks don't splinter too badly and leave sharps edges, there's no cause for worry if they do nibble on them. Likewise, PVA is non-toxic and water soluble and shouldn't be a problem if they accidentally munch on it.

I thought the little balcony would be a good place for his milk bone dog chew (good for wearing down little hamster teefs!) The bedding they're on at the moment is Fitch bedding, which is paper based and my absolute favourite thing right now.

I can't wait to make Pintsize his own little fort, and I'll take some in progress photos this time so you can see how I've been constructing it. (I've been pinning some popsicle stick inspiration on this Pinterest board, if you want to have a peek.) Sputnik has now had his fort for almost a week, and it's gone down a treat. Hes not interested in chewing it at all now, he likes to eat his dinner on the top floor, and he sleeps inside it every day. A success, I think!



  1. So cute! I'm going to try to make a version of this for my rats (they're a lot heavier than hamsters so we'll see how it holds up!)