Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Le Tour de Yorkshire

Le Tour de France did a few stages in Yorkshire the weekend before last, which was very exciting! Charlotte Pamplemousse dressed up specially for the occasion in her very best cycling helmet. On the Saturday, we got up bright and early (ew) to see the Grand Depart go down Scott Hall road after setting off from the centre of Leeds (we decided not to venture into town, it was super busy) and on the Sunday, we popped through to Mytholmroyd to catch it again! I didn't really get any good photos of the peloton, wouldn't you know they cycle really fast. So I plonked all the photos I took into some fun little gifs below.

It was such a great atmosphere and an amazing turn-out, and Yorkshire looked super duper gorgeous on the telly. Everywhere I passed through the few months leading up to the Tour was decorated so beautifully! Special shout out to Harrogate who knitted over 22,000 little woolly jumpers that I absolutely loved. Good job, people of Yorkshire! (Apart from that one guy next to me when the caravan came past and was willing to rugby tackle me for a free packet of Haribo. You, sir, need to get a grip.)


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  1. First of all, super late comment is late. Just realised you had this new blog.
    Also you should have come into town on the Grand Depart day because I was there!