Thursday, 17 July 2014

Throwback Thursday: Alice the Baby Lifestyle Blogger?!

I was going through some of my old stuff in a never ending quest for organisation, and I found this little gem. My first attempts at lifestyle blogging?!

Here you can see some formative food and toy blogging (I still own the tinkletots today!) RE: the 'strange sausage', I was on holiday in Scotland near Oban, and I've never had a lorne sausage before. I was confused.

Here you can see my first loot post. Mostly toys, which is still pretty standard. (The Sylvanians are all still around, too!)

In the above, I think I got sunburned that day, hence my seeming aggression towards the one cloud in the sky. As far as I was concerned, it obviously wasn't doing its job correctly.

I've also included one of the photos I took around this time, of some of my Sylvanians. That's even a genuine light leak on the right, no photoshop needed. Incredible. I was ahead of my time.

I showed Gavin this little notebook and he thought it was hilarious, and told me I haven't changed a bit. (It's sort of true.)



  1. I can't get over how cute this is Alice - and how future predict-y! :)