Thursday, 3 July 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Very First Misadventure

I'm a sucker for nostalgia, and especially photographic nostalgia, so I thought it would be fun to start a blog series where I post stuff a few times a month from the (admittedly not terribly distant) past that I either forgot to blog about, or blogged about years ago (on other blogs) and want to revisit. I just bought a new computer (very beautiful shiny new ooooooh) and I'm in the middle of the painstaking process of transferring all my photos across and organising them properly. It's making me all kind of nostalgic and so pleased that I take so many photos. Note to self: you will never look back and think there were too many. Go snap happy!

This Throwback Thursday is Alice & Gavin's very first Together Misadventure, back in April 2009. Yes, baby teenage Alice & Gavin. Terrifying. We went on a day trip to Edinburgh Zoo organised by our then student halls, and I remember thinking it was super awesome. We were especially taken with Rainbow Landings, which is now closed, sadly! I think it was too expensive for them to run. It was basically a big tent full of free ranging lorikeets, where you could buy little pots of nectar to feed them. They were so friendly! And colourful! Ahhh such pretty birdies!

There's baby teenage Alice & Gavin being utterly charmed by these beautiful birdies! Baby teenage Alice looking like she rolled out of bed and can't dress herself. Baby teenage Gavin looking... much the same, actually.

The penguin parade was quite simply the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. They were loving it. They were definitely strutting, there's no other word for it. It was the best thing.

This also marks poor, unsuspecting Gavin's first foray into being my doll holder. Poor child. Little did he know... Elliot was very much my Blythe of the moment in 2009. She's currently... in pieces, actually, which I should fix! 

Below are some truly awful selfies that should really be destroyed, but I had a nice day and I want to remember it, so I'll put them in. Just very, very small. (We take a much better double selfie these days, I think. These were our formative attempts.)


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