Saturday, 23 August 2014

Ever After High: Apple White

I've been wanting to check out Mattel's Ever After High dolls for ages, as I have amassed more Monster High dolls than I care to count, and EAH are a fairly similar companion range. I finally caved and picked up the Getting Fairest Apple White, who is very lovely and has definitely won me over. I boil straightened her hair and gave it a neaten-up trip at the ends, and took her with us on our next milking-our-National-Trust-membership-for-all-it's-worth day trip!

This is Goddard's, a National Trust property just outside of York where Mr. Terry of Terry's Chocolate Oranges used to live. I'm a big fan. (Did you know they also used to make chocolate apples? I am so unbelievably sad they were discontinued, I need to sample one of those urgently.) Apple White is wearing a few pieces from the J-Doll Camden High Street's stock outfit, and looking very fancy. Gavin suggested she would suit a Victorian virtue name, so I'm thinking maybe Constance?

I really love her! She has all the things I love about Monster High, but I also enjoy dressing her up a lot more. I think the MH dolls have such awesome themes, I never actually want to change their clothes. They're just perfect as is. With EAH I'm really not as attached to their outfits, I guess, even though the dress she came with is super cute. Anyway, consider me hooked! 



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  2. Stunning photos! And I'm surprised at how great she looks re-dressed! I agree with you on Monster High dolls, and it made me hesitant to get into these dolls! x

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping that because I like re-dressing them so much, I won't feel the need to own them all! :P Unlike Monster High...! Whoops :)