Thursday, 25 September 2014

Meet the New Fuzzy Baby

There is a new tiny rodent living with us! His name is Piemur, and he is a six week old baby tricolour mouse. He is the cutest tiniest little poop factory I have ever had the honour of being pooped on by. He's only been here 48 hours, and he's already super friendly and excited to come out and play when we open the door of his cage. (Anne McCaffrey fans, you might recognise his name...)

Unlike any other animal I've ever met, driving him home was a dream. He curled up in his carrier and slept quite happily along the M62. 

Setting up his cage has been amazing fun, because mice are really agile climbers (pretty much the opposite of the hams, who bumble about very happily at ground level.) I bought some super cute fabric with little field mice on and whipped up some fleecy hammocks for him which have gone down a treat. We're getting an even better sense of just how much he loves to climb now he's here, so we'll need to fashion more exciting things to dangle from his cage.

The breeder we got him from took a lot of photos of his litter as they were growing up, so we have a lovely bunch of photos of him in various stages of baby mousehood.

He's such a sweet little guy and I'm excited to get lots of mouse cuddles. And maybe teach him basketball.



  1. Gosh he is a sweetie and so tiny!!!!

    1. He's grown so much already, in just a week! Still pretty tiny though! :)