Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Succulent Propagation

This is probably not all that impressive, but I have successfully propagated a baby succulent! (Like I said, not terribly impressive, but I'd never done it before!) I bought the parent plant almost a year ago when we first moved in as a sort of house-warming present for myself, and I gave the baby plant to my sister as she moved into her new house this week. A chain of house-warming succulents!

For your propagating needs, this blog post is super useful. I'm actually ashamed to say I have no idea what kind of succulent the parent plant is, as it came in a cute little Ikea multipack without plant names. I think it might be an aloe? When it flowered last winter, it grew an absurdly long stem with a flower on top, which I am told is an aloe hallmark. We had to actually open up the top of our Socker greenhouse it grew so tall, it looked so bizarre (but very pretty!)


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