Saturday, 6 September 2014

York Minster

One of the magical things my student card does is get me into York Minster for the excellent price of free! It's become a habit of mine to go there after my dissertation meetings to wind down a little. Not that the meetings are stressful, my adviser is lovely and everything's gone amazingly to schedule! I just need some time out. I had my last ever meeting this week, and my last ever post-meeting Minster wind down, all the school holidays had ended and it was lovely and quiet.

York Minster is beautiful from the outside, and I'm a big fan of the grotesques. The rose window you can see in the photo above is the Heart of Yorkshire, and superstition goes that if you kiss in front of it, you'll stay together forever. (I keep trying to get a photo of myself and a packet of hobnobs outside, but I've always chickened out when the tourists start looking at me weird. One day, I will do it. I will.) The inside is probably my favourite, though. It's just so lovely!

The Great East Window is currently being restored by the York Glaziers Trust, so while you can't actually see the window itself, there is a huge bonus in that you can actually get a really close look at some of the restored early 15th century stained glass panels in the Orb. It's so amazing.

The worst thing about York Minster is the gift shop. It's hazardous. They have all sorts of cute knitting patterns and even more cute knitting patterns and all these cute tiny little grotesque figures that I definitely didn't mean to buy a whole bunch of, whoops.


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