Friday, 24 October 2014


I think it's about time I did my final photodump from Bruges, so prepare yourself for a deluge of touristy nostalgia!

Climbing the belfry tower was mildly ridiculous, as neither of us are very good with heights or narrow staircases, but we went up early one morning anyway before the queues, with only moderate amounts of nervous sweating and whimpering. It was still kind of hazy in the mornings, but the view was lovely anyway.

We ended up in this amazing little shop completely by accident - The Old Curiosity Shop. It's tiny and absolutely packed from floor to ceiling with the weirdest vintage things, including a tonne of old postcards which were one euro each. I have a bit of a Thing for old postcards, so I had to have one. The original postmark is from 1929, so it's from the beginning of the twentieth century boom of Bruges as a tourist destination, which I think is pretty cool. 

You can't go to Belgium and not have waffles. Or moules-frites. It would be wrong. So we did both. 

Basically, Bruges was super pretty and full of awesome historical things and I ate a lot of delicious chocolatey things. Perfect!


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