Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lazy Saturday

I like how by calling this post 'Lazy Saturday', I am implying that the rest of my week was super action-packed and busy, and I'm having a well-earned weekend break. Er, not so much... October always kind of throws me. It gets colder and darker and I think essentially, my inner dormouse is trying to hibernate.

The plan for today was to actually put on actual clothes, leave the house, and go on an autumn day trip. Whoops. Instead - hamster cuddles, games, slow cooker magic, and lazily-iced baking. The hamsters don't usually get up until after midnight (lazy buttfaces) but Sputnik made a special appearance! I love that cute little fluffball.

Artful drizzling of glacé icing is not a skill I possess. But also not a skill I try terribly hard at. I love piping buttercream neatly and beautifully, but glacé is my lazy go-to when I just want to get baked goods in my tummy ASAP. Sorry, glacé, I don't deserve you.


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