Wednesday, 19 November 2014

P-Bubs & Lady S

So I have a pretty serious growing addiction to Funko Pop figures, along with the rest of the world, apparently. It's awesome! The new(ish) Forbidden Planet in Leeds has a whole WALL of them and it is wonderful and hazardous. I let myself have a few accidents on my birthday.

I dithered for ages over whether to get the regular Princess Bubblegum, or the SDCC glow in the dark version which was a little more expensive. I went for the glow in the dark in the end, and it's MAGIC. Her entire hair piece glows and it looks awesome. I love all the Adventure Time figures - every character looks cute as a Funko Pop doll - but the Adventure Time characters are just especially precious.

The other cutie I bought was Lady Sif, because I am in love with her armour and weapons, so detailed and beautiful!

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that I love everything with oversized heads and eyes. Speaking of which, it was for my 18th birthday that I first ordered myself a Blythe doll! Since I just turned 25, it's coming up seven years of my big-headed toy appreciate life. Wow. Time flies when you're buying overpriced plastic and dressing it up like people, huh?

... seven years and I still haven't found a way to describe my doll hobby that doesn't sound a little bit ridiculous. It is a bit ridiculous. I love it.


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