Saturday, 22 November 2014

Rediscovering my Pullips

Today I have rediscovering my poor, dusty Pullips! According to Flickr, the last time I took a photo of a Pullip was January 2013... yikes. I dug them out and had a little wig switcheroo to mix things up - this is my Pullip Eos wearing a grey fur wig that's usually on my Taeyang Gyro.

I had a pretty intense Pullip phase circa 2010, I think, but it's been years since I bought any new ones. I think the main appeal (and I'm sorry, Pullips, to insult you this way) was that they were a beautiful compromise between BJDs (which are expensive) and Blythes (which are also quite expensive) at comparatively cheap prices. They're so photogenic, as well! The matte plastic and their lovely face ups just photograph so beautifully. The downside: their stock wigs and bodies can be a bit iffy, quality-wise. I'm a little behind on the situation these days, but I always re-wigged mine and generally re-bodied (Eos is still on her type 4, but the legs and hands fell off twice taking these photos, so point proven!)

She's still super cute, though.


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