Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Will Dance For Cornflakes (Or, Why I Love My Mouse)

Fair warning: I'm about to get really soppy about rodents in this post. I can't help it. I am genuinely delighted every day to wake up and see three tiny little animals living happily in my house with me and I literally haven't shut up about it since we first got the hamsters. Animal people are rolling their eyes at me constantly (and this includes Gavin, who's had every rodent under the sun) but this is still super new to me! I wasn't allowed animals when I was little (with the one exception of a Syrian hamster when I was 10), I've never had family members with animals, and I didn't even know I would enjoy having animals so much.

But, um, I do. As you might have noticed. Almost as much as Piemur loves cornflakes.

Baby Piemur is not only my fourth ever pet, but my first ever non-hamster. Hamsters are adorable. They can be super personable. I'm definitely, absolutely not knocking hamsters. I love my hamsters. But mice. Mice are smart and agile and amazing and it's just this whole other type of pet experience, and I am so stupid for this mouse. He's perfect. I'm teaching him actual honest-to-god tricks. My crowning glory with the hamsters is that they'll come to collect a treat from me if I make a clicking sound at one end of their tank.

I love how interested he is in me. He really wants to join in, it's so cute. He waits by the door of his cage to be let out and likes to sit at the end of his cage that's closest to where I am in the room. Which basically means that whenever we're both awake, nothing useful gets done. It is Alice Fussing Over Mouse time.

Mice, as pets, don't have an especially great reputation. Same with rats. They're seen as dirty pests (sob) and people are weird about their tails. (Mouse tails, by the way, I can definitely vouch for being super soft and silky and beautiful.) I'd never even really thought of getting a mouse before, and I didn't know anyone who kept mice. I do know a bunch of rat people, and whilst I love rats and want at least five thousand, I do think the awesomeness of rats and their slightly more people-oriented nature and easier to handle size has overshadowed mice a little. Poor little mice. They are tiny little fuzzy bundles of love.

He's so tiny and smelly and adorable and I love him even when he pees all over my clothes and it stinks.


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