Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blanchland & Haunting Myself

I always get super excited to go back to the North East, it still feels like my home! I don't think that'll ever change. This past weekend I got to spend a lovely wintery day in Northumberland where I got a bit camera happy. These were all taken in and around Blanchland, after a terrifying night in which I was convinced the ghost of Dorothy Forster was coming for me (what had happened, in fact, was that I'd kicked the hot water bottle off my bed unknowingly, and thus was actually haunting myself, which is... absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds. Nice one, Alice.)

My mum's puppy that I posted about a little while ago is so much bigger now! He loves mud, puddles, and just generally getting filthy.


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  1. You take great photos, Alice, even of non-toy related stuff! ;) Love this series of pics!