Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I really love grey squirrels. I've had a complete change of heart about them recently, having grown up being told that grey squirrels are bad and horrible - in the UK, and elsewhere in Europe, the grey squirrels were brought over here and have since mostly displaced the red squirrels as they're just... better at surviving, pretty much. We have a pretty weird nostalgic attachment to red squirrels, which are very cute. But still, grey squirrels are just little fuzzy animals doing their best. We brought them over here, it's on us. Not them

Anyway, I had a day trip to York this past weekend and had a lot of fun with the squirrels in Museum Gardens! They're super friendly and ran right up to me when I made my mouse noises at them, I'm clearly some kind of rodent pied piper. I wasn't even offering them food. Just look at these precious little babies!


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