Monday, 28 November 2016

Autumn in Aberdeenshire

Last week we had a mini roadtrip to to Scotland to see Gavin's family. (By which I mean: we drove to and from Aberdeenshire with a few flyby stops on the way, but calling it a roadtrip makes driving over 800 miles sound much more fun. It was fun! I don't think either of us are long distance driving pros, but we have a system that works pretty well for us. That is: we stop and swap regularly, and we've both decided that the passenger's job is to both carry the conversation and to be basically the equivalent of a video game HUD. HUDs don't judge you. They are helpful and informative. I recommend this attitude very much.)

We used to live in Aberdeen and I hadn't been back up since we moved to Yorkshire in September 2013, so it was kind of a big nostalgia trip for me. We hit a cold snap while we were there which was also very familiar, and though it didn't snow, it was so cold and frosty it looked as though it had. Pretty, but cold. I forget sometimes just how much warmer it is in Yorkshire. I'll never complain about the temperature again.

The castle silhouette in the photos with that lovely sunset is Gight castle, ancestral home of Lord Byron. He probably spent some of his childhood here, but probably wasn't actually born there, though there's some disagreement (not all backed up by historical evidence...) It's completely ruined and abandoned now, and you can wander through it (at your own risk!) I'd love to think someone will do something with it someday, whether that's to restore it drastically or to just clear some of the foliage and make it open to visitors in its current state. (I think I'd prefer the latter, but conservation is a funny thing and I'm never quite sure where I stand.)

My next post will be our little whistle-stop tour of St Andrews on the way back, which was an even bigger nostalgia trip and really really lovely to be back, I'm so excited to talk about it!

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