Monday, 14 November 2016

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last week we took a day trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. There's a pretty big installation by Not Vital at the moment, which features a lot of awesome reflective things that are just asking for weird and wonderful mirror selfies. The mirror selfie is a big favourite of mine (whether or not Mr Vital intended his work to be used this way...)

The beauty of going midweek in November is it was practically empty. I took my new birthday 24mm out with me and loved it, I think I'll still be using my 50mm a bunch but the two of them are both so compact and easy to travel with, I can see myself carrying both around with me. (The 24mm is great for doll photography if you're like me and end up holding camera in one hand, doll in the other a lot - with the 50mm you've got to lean back with doll-arm extended as far as possible in some kind of bizarre camera yoga to try to frame it correctly and put as much distance between camera and doll. My back will definitely thank me.)

alice xox

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