Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goodbye, 2016

I saw this article yesterday about 'romjul', which is apparently the Norwegian word for the weird days between Christmas and New Year and seems to mean being cosy, going for winter walks, and 'mindful mooching'. I very much like this word, though I am taking this interpretation with a pinch of salt, as one of our favourite hobbies as English speakers right now seems to be borrowing words from other countries and (so I'm told by my exasperated friends on the mainland) reading more cultural significance into them than is probably really there to find.

(I keep sending my Danish friends photos every time I see something going wild for 'hygge', our newest obsession, complete with pronunciation guides of varying degrees of accuracy. "Hooo-gah?? HOOO-GAH? It just means cosy or nice, please calm down" - my confused and exasperated Danish friend. As an aside, apparently Danish is impossible to pronounce correctly for non-native speakers and they can spot us a mile off. There's even a phrase considered a sort of 'test'. There's also a fun little video guide to 'hygge' pronunciation here, which I also cannot say. I'm so sorry, Danish speakers. I'm glad you didn't have to witness me trying to say these things.)

I've had a very good romjul, complete with jigsaws, food, blankets, and winter walks in North Yorkshire. It's the first time ever both Gavin and I haven't been at work and been able to mooch about properly, and I think I might understand why people look forward to this so much. It's been so relaxing and lazy.

I think we've all collectively decided 2016 has been dreadful, and I'm not about to disagree. It's been a weird year for me personally, and on a wider political and social scale it's been - well, eventful, and even the very last week has been full of awful news.

So, you know. Good riddance. I hope 2017 is kinder and gentler to us all.

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  1. These photos are gorgeous, Alice. The tones, the tones!