Saturday, 28 October 2017

Bodnant Gardens

I am 28 years old next week and in my whole entire life living in the UK I had never been to Wales until last April, which was a terrible oversight and I can only apologise for myself. I took an excessive amount of photos and thought rather than lump all of them in one post, I'd try and split it up a little, starting with Bodnant Gardens and some gratuitous botanical close ups.

Part of my thing with this trip was that I wanted to remember to take more people photos, particularly of both of us together, so I packed my tripod and my camera remote... and of course forget to take either of them everywhere we went, so there are a lot of photos of us in the same spot, just... not at the same time. 

I tried to get some photos of the both of us with the self timer, which kind of worked out! My favourite might actually be the terrible one where I'm running back to the camera. It's very... me. The two photos make a great pair, especially because Gavin doesn't look like he's even moved at all.

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