Thursday, 9 November 2017

Crochet Lovey Blanket

We went to visit our just-four-month-old nephew last month and I thought I'd try making him a little something. I'd never really heard the term 'lovey' before and I'd never seen any of these adorable little half-blanket-half-animal type things, but I love them and want at least ten for myself as a grown adult.

There are two components to these kind of lovies - the blanket part and the animal torso. You could adapt either part from almost any amigurumi/soft toy or blanket pattern and I've seen the most incredible, intricate animals, but this one is very simple. I went for a star shaped blanket because I preferred the way it draped, and just worked it in simple double crochet with a shell stitch edging. The panda head and arms I just worked in standard amigurumi style single crochet in the round, and opted for no animal eyes and just all wool finish to make it softer and snugglier (and I worry a bit about choking hazards.) I didn't add the arms initially but the little chap looked unfinished, and I think he's much nicer to hold when he has the arms poking out as well, he feels a lot more like a traditional teddy.

I had some leftover Erika Knight for John Lewis Baby DK (which is maybe a bit fancy for a baby toy, and certainly fancier than the yarn I use for myself most of the time, so he's a very fancy baby) and tried to kind of spread out the darker blue colour because I have this vague knowledge that babies like contrast. I'm not sure if maybe he's a little bit too old for that to be applicable now, but I think my nephew liked it anyway!

I believe the panda is now known as 'Eric Cantaloupe' in his new home, which is a very specific reference to a single episode of a British quiz show that I feel compelled to explain: one of the rounds involves an 'answer smash', where you have to combine two different things to get one answer. It's hard to explain, but this one was Eric Cantona and a cantaloupe melon. It's a genius concept. Here's a video of another that was quite popular online.

Godspeed, Eric Cantaloupe. May your extremities stay attached no matter how chewed you get!

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  1. I found Sunshine, a crochet orange criter, at Pentwater, Mi art fair September 28, 2019. Sunshine had your tag with this blog address on it. I just wanted to say thank you. My 13 month old daughter loves her!