Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We had an autumnal trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park last weekend, which has apparently become tradition. It's YSP's 40th anniversary and the above installation is part of that, you can read more about Zak Ové's work here. My other favourites, as pictured below: a big rat head (always relevant to my interests), these awesome sculptures that make me think of the plaster citizens of Pompeii, and my always favourite Speed Breakers.

I've always wondered what that pointy thing in the distance was and this time we actually googled it: Emley Moor TV tower. It apparently supplies coverage to most of Yorkshire and is the tallest freestanding structure in the UK and the seventh tallest in the EU. I am strangely impressed by this! I half expected to google it and realise it wasn't as big as it looked.

My Kenner Blythe has been in my possession for seven years now! She's a ripe old forty five. When I first got her, she was one of the best condition blonde Kenners I'd seen on the market for a while, with just a few tiny little yellow patches on her face. I've noticed that there's a little bit more yellowing happened now over the years I've had her, which is just plastic getting older and I'm not unduly worried about it, but it did make me wonder if I should maybe try my hand at a little bit of Kenner restoration... but I think I'd rather just let her age gracefully, yellow patches and all.

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