Monday, 8 January 2018


I still have quite a backlog of photos I never posted, so here is Wales Trip 2017 Part II: When I Climbed Snowdon And Became More Powerful Than Ever.

The weather was a little bit iffy when we were there and it had been very snowy and icy, so we were very sensible and just took the Llanberis path, which was where we were staying as well. It's a lovely, slow, picturesque climb.

The photos are quite funny to look through because we just keep putting on more and more clothes as it went from beautifully sunny and warm to snowy and windy. 

We are, vaguely embarrassingly, both wearing matching Mass Effect Pathfinder hoodies. Climbing Snowdon is probably about as far from charting new territory as it gets.

The final view from the top was pretty much perfect, we couldn't have asked for a more lovely day. 

And, hey, maybe it's not all that impressive, but we don't do a lot of hill walking, and I felt extremely Powerful and Awesome to have walked all the way up to somewhere this high and see such beautiful views.

Over breakfast we got a bit giddy and shook on a promise to do all three of Britain's highest peaks within the year, but... that's looking pretty unlikely nine months on, so maybe within a few. Watch this space.

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