Sunday, 4 March 2018

Golden Acre Park

Been remembering some more temperate times (during this very chilly week) when we met some Excellent Squirrels in Golden Acre Park. I yelled about grey squirrels a few years ago, and I'm still very charmed by their cheeky lil faces.

Golden Acre Park was opened in the 1930s as an amusement park along the line of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but didn't stay open in that form for very long. It's now owned by Leeds City Council, and you can still see the miniature railway tracks (although no open air swimming pool or zoo remains!)

The park also joins onto Adel Dam nature reserve where we saw a very beautiful American Mink (which was lovely to see but isn't very good news for the reserve as whole) but sadly no kingfishers. That's a goal for 2018!

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