Tuesday, 12 December 2017


It still seems a bit early in December to start looking back on 2017, but the Instagram Best Nine is doing the rounds again and I'm a sucker for this every year. So, apparently, my best nine of 2017:

Two of these are kind of a cheat as they're old photos I reposted - the top right is lil P our old mouse back in 2014 when he was a baby (I can't believe how long ago it was! I miss that sweet little nugget.) and the bottom right is vintage Alice and Gavin back in 2009 (an equally unfathomable length of time ago.)

The top row: our wedding, the maiden voyage of my Cath Kidston guinea pig dress at another wedding, little Piemur the day we brought him home and he was very tiny. The middle: my favourite street in York, more Cath Kidston clothes in York, Nan our beautiful blue rat. The bottom: a fortune cookie fortune, my Doronjo x Blythe's heart eyechip, and vintage Alice and Gavin.

A little more context for the fortune cookie: it says 'You will move to a wonderful new home within the year.' This was from a cookie in our first takeaway (and first meal) in our newly purchased house in November, and we thought it was delightfully appropriate... or very awkward, because we have a fixed term mortgage and moving again would honestly finish me right off. But I'm going to assume by 'move' it means physically cart all our stuff over and hand over our rental keys, which we hadn't done yet. I love a good coincidence.

I think my year looks pretty good on paper, and probably even better on Instagram, but I never set out to make my life look good on social media, I just like curating a pretty feed. So in the name of honesty, although I am very lucky for all the Good Stuff, this has also been a Tough Year at times. A very visual example: there would be shingles scabs/scars on my face in all the photos of me this year if I hadn't edited them out. So, you know. I'm sure there are metaphorical shingles scabs behind every bunch of nine lovely photos, and I hope yours fade (metaphorically) out a lot more gracefully than mine (literally) are. (They're so deep?! And stubborn?! Rude.)

To conclude: urgh, shingles. Or: I hope the rest of 2017 is kind to you, and may your Instagram feed ever inspire envy in strangers you meet on the internet.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We had an autumnal trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park last weekend, which has apparently become tradition. It's YSP's 40th anniversary and the above installation is part of that, you can read more about Zak Ové's work here. My other favourites, as pictured below: a big rat head (always relevant to my interests), these awesome sculptures that make me think of the plaster citizens of Pompeii, and my always favourite Speed Breakers.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Crochet Lovey Blanket

We went to visit our just-four-month-old nephew last month and I thought I'd try making him a little something. I'd never really heard the term 'lovey' before and I'd never seen any of these adorable little half-blanket-half-animal type things, but I love them and want at least ten for myself as a grown adult.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Bodnant Gardens

I am 28 years old next week and in my whole entire life living in the UK I had never been to Wales until last April, which was a terrible oversight and I can only apologise for myself. I took an excessive amount of photos and thought rather than lump all of them in one post, I'd try and split it up a little, starting with Bodnant Gardens and some gratuitous botanical close ups.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Some wordy thoughts about a wedding

It has (again) been quite a long time since I last blogged, and I have (again) decided that rather than draw too much attention to this I'm just going to dive right in and hopefully you'll do the same. (I don't really know who I'm speaking to here. I think a blog that updates once every nine months is probably overshooting to expect readers. But, you know. Hi! It's me again!)

I don't think I really know how to blog this way anymore, or I've just grown a bit too self-conscious as I've gotten older, but I don't really have a 'home' on the internet these days and it's a nice idea to have somewhere I can collect everything. I spend a lot of time on instagram but it still feels very much like microblogging and the lack of neat archiving options is a bit horrifying. So here I am.